Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a prayer

Oh God, my God. 
You search and You know me. 

My future is laid out before you, there are no secrets. 

                             You see all, 

                                              You know all, 

                                                                               You hold all.

Nothing that takes me by surprise takes you by surprise. 
You hold my future in your hands.

I see your HANDPRINTS all over my life 

                                                                                                          ...and I glory in them.

You ask me to step out into the unknown
to walk where I've never gone before

and it's scary, God.
(so so scary!!)

But You make PROMISES to me,

Promises that I BELIEVE and will cling to.

May fear fall away as I step forward into the unknown



                                                                     ...but made STRONG
                                                                          by You living in me.

Project Hopeful logo used with permission.


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