Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Love Strand 2/28

I've been snapping pictures all day. Which would I choose for day two of this challenge? Which one of these really spoke "love" the most to me? Turns out, the moment hadn't happened yet. I sure recognized it when it did.

I had one child in particular who was struggling with obedience. Not the outright defiant kind, just the oh-I-didn't-get-around-to-that kind. The kind of disobedience that drives a mom with a sore throat crazy. Repeating myself for the 4th time, I finally went and did the job myself.

I was not happy.

I called this child over to me and explained, "You are not obeying Mommy! I have asked you to do this [fill in my request] four times. You halfway obeyed. I had to finish the job. I am tired of this, [child's name!]"


"I want you to know that you are not acting in a way that honors Momma. You are disobedient. Acting sinfully. Do you know that this is exactly the way we act towards God? But His love is never dependent upon how we act. God's love is dependent on who He is."

Another breath.

"You have asked me to make you French toast today. I am going to do that for you still. Not because you deserve it, for you have not done what is right. I am going to do it for you because I love you. I want to love you the way God loves me. "

"At some point, [child's name], you will discover how grateful you are for what God does for us. What He DID for us on the cross. You figure out that it is absolutely incredible, and you will decide to show your love to God by obeying Him. Jesus tells us in the Bible that when we obey Him, we show Him we love Him. Maybe you'll decide the same is true between me and you!"

Exit child. Sour face. Droopy head. No apology.

I then got busy. I made the best possible French toast I knew how. I then got out the fancy birthday-or-straight-A-grade-card plate. I served up heart shaped french toast to the very child who had made me crazy that morning. And I couldn't wait! I snapped some pictures of it first and then prepared the table. (It is this child's week to set it!) I called this child over, who expected another lecture apparently.

"[Child's name,] I want you to have this heart shaped French toast and enjoy it! You have the special plate not because of anything you did, but because of my love for you. I love you NO MATTER HOW YOU ACT. "

I had more to say, but this child burst into tears and hung around my neck. Sobbing, this child apologized and changed into the sweetest little one possible. This child then was delightful and helpful the rest of the day.

That's what love does to us, doesn't it?


  1. Feet 2 your faith; eyes and ears 2 grow that sweet child's faith.

  2. will you be my mother?! i'm mostly kidding....but really, you are doing her adult spiritual walk a HUGE favor by explaining these things to her and by SHOWING her love like this! i love learning from you, amy! :-)

    p.s. the french toast picture warms my heart and makes my mouth water :-)

  3. You were straight forward, compassionate, loving, and direct. Most of all, you conveyed that you love the child - and that was the most important. The child saw that, hugged you, and helped you. I think that was your child's lesson - no matter how frustrated or happy mom may be, she loves me no matter what. A very valuable lesson. :)


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