Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Strand 21/28

If it seems to YOU that my kids have been sick ALL WEEKEND then you are right! This is the 2nd day of just holding DQ. See those red fever cheeks? Oh, melt my heart.

I do my best to keep on my workout spite of what may happen. (Up all last night medicating and later bathing DQ, dealing with Oliver's snotty issues...and Brian even had to go take care of electrical issues at work from 11 pm till 5 am and then turn around and go back at 7 am!) When I don't get up first thing and tackle my hangs over my head all day. Today, I at least got the ab part of my workout in! And with an added 25 pound weight, you can bet it WORKED!!

Oliver just woke up from a 3 1/2 hour nap. (WOW.) Anneli claims he was hibernating. DQ ran to hug him when he reappeared. (Meds had kicked in nicely by then!) Oliver said in his just-woke-up-voice, "I think I know why she's hugging me! She missed me during my nap!" :)

I sure love these kids.

I can't help adding a bonus pic from today. Before I got down on the floor to begin my workout, DQ was content being snuggled by Jensi. The three sisters just were TOO CUTE to not show you!


  1. do your girls work out with you most mornings?

  2. Now THAT's dedication! You have a beautiful family, Amy. :)

  3. usually my girls are watching me workout while they eat their bfast before school. if it's a weekend or a holiday, they love to join in. I love it too!! I love that i get to be a role model to them, as my own mom was for me in this area! :)


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