Monday, February 28, 2011

Love Strand 28/28 The Final Entry...

It was quiet.


And this is where I found her...

This child--how dearly I love her--tests my patience hourly. She is the busiest little person I have ever known. Her antics often make me stress out (call the pediatrician!) or just pull out my hair (get down from there!). Sometimes I'm just grossed out, like the time she found a discarded straw and proceeded to use it in the toilet water (pleeeeeease tell me the last person flushed!!) Oh me oh my!

This time I burst out laughing!

Her older sister had not finished drinking her chocolate Shakeology. DQ climbed up onto the table and dumped it. She made a lovely rainbow shape with the palm of her hand and proceeded to delight in ingesting the wholesome goodness. She wasn't sure if she was in hot water or if Mommy was okay with this, but after my camera got clicking she realized it must be okay. 

Not just's GOOD for you!!

If you aren't familiar with Shakeology, it's an amazing meal replacement shake made with whole foods that contain no synthetic ingredients or chemicals. Brian and I drink it daily and love it. Our kids beg us for it, so when we give it them it's a real treat! DQ is a smart cookie and made good on the little leftover in Anneli's cup! So cute, isn't she? :)

Here's the Shakeology button if you want to learn more:

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