Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You, the Multi-tasker: Shopping and Rescuing Orphans!

I have been humbled once again. This journey of adoption has blessed me so much already and I haven't even gotten our referral yet!

So, it goes like this, I have a friend from high school who was very much taken by our adoption process and was moved so much she sent her family to our blog. Her sister, sweet woman that she is, decided to not just read but to get involved! :) I like when people don't just read but DO SOMETHING! (Have you heard me say that before? haha) She has her own business marketing Uppercase Living products and has generously offered to donate 20% of her sales to our adoption fund!

"But what is this business, 'Uppercase Living'", I wondered. I tentatively clicked on the link that was sent and spent the next ten minutes in awe of the catalog. Truly I loved the things inside! Classy, creative, and full of options. I was sold. Let's do it.

So here I am today opening up a catalog party for anyone who would like to purchase these beautiful creations for their home. I have seen several companies that create vinyl clings for your home, but this company goes the extra mile. You can design plates, frames and signs and other things in their "off the wall" section. (Cute name, huh?) :) The "party" will be open until February 19th.

Here's the specs:

Amy Shaw invites you to be a part of an 

Uppercase Living Catalog Party
through February 19th
to help give orphans a home!
20% of all the sales of this Catalog Party will be donated directly to the Shaw family to help with adoption fund-raising!!!

Uppercase Living believes in the power of words and how they can transform your home.  We offer decorative vinyl expressions that can enhance any space in an instant with no messy stenciling!  We offer both pre-designed and custom vinyl expressions!  On my website you can view our online catalog and customize your own custom expression using our 50 fonts and over 40 color choices.

2 ways to order:
For guests who live near Amy (your order will be shipped to her):

Email or call me (Karrie) with your item number, item description and color choice(s).  If you have created a custom expression, be sure to save it so I can access it
I will provide you with your total.  I accept checks or can send you a credit card invoice through paypal.
If you spend more than $50 in product, you qualify for free customer expressions!  Check out the customer choices of the February monthly gifts...

For out of town guests:

Shop and create directly on my website...
Add items to your cart and when checking out, choose to "associate" your order with Amy Shaw's party.
Amy will receive credit for your order and it will be shipped directly to you!
Please have orders to me or online by February 19th.  Contact me if you have ANY questions!

Check out my website to learn more about becoming an Uppercase Living hostess yourself or learn more about the business opportunity!!!
Karrie Stewart
Independent Uppercase Living Demonstrator
My Website:

***THIS JUST IN!!!***
New February deals for any shoppers who spend more than $50! Extra "expressions" will be available to you at no cost! Contact Karrie via email (above) if your order exceeds fifty dollars to receive your list of free things from which to choose!
From the first page of the Uppercase Living catalog. See that cool clock? Isn't that nifty?
And how cool is this? You can have your OWN PHOTOS become clingy thingees! (Probably not their wording)
This page gets my wheels turning for how we'll decorate the "boy's" room! WOW! We are going to have at least another son! :)
So that's probably enough to whet your appetite for some online shopping! Remember, when you shop you are multi-tasking: decorating, maybe getting ahead in your gift-giving AND helping us bring our children home from their orphanage! Go you! ;)

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