Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Love Strand 1/28

It's Day 1!!

I wondered after I posed the challenge what kind of images of LOVE I might come up with for my days. Well, I have to say that today has not turned out anything like I would have expected...and so my image for the first day of this challenge is not something you might expect.

But it is about love.

My crockpot. I love my family by cooking for them. I never realized this until I was part of a poverty challenge to feed my family nothing but rice and beans for every meal for an entire weekend. I came face to face with an unfamiliar frustration: I wanted to love them through food. Hmmmm. Interesting to discover this as a Beachbody coach, but good information nevertheless! (So I try to love on them by providing healthy, whole foods! But, yes, I do bake cookies for my children on rare occasions--and oh the party that is thrown! ;) hee hee)

So today, the first day of February, enter the midwest blizzard. I wanted to cook something cozy for my family...so here you have my "LOVE" image for day one:

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