Saturday, August 17, 2013

Look What Love Does!!!

When we went to Uganda to bring our Zeb home, we met many other children. There were 50 orphans in his orphanage alone. Many babies, many toddlers.

I had the privilege of holding, singing, praying for and giving bottles to a very special orphan.

She was only 6 pounds at ONE YEAR old.

Yes, you read that right.

She was kept in a crib in the far corner. She had to fully depend on the mercy of the mamas in the orphanage. 

A sweet precious life that was valued by my precious friends, Dwight and Linny Saunders. They said YES when the director of the orphanage skyped them and asked if they really meant they would to ANYTHING for this child. Would they adopt her into their family for life?

The Saunders said YES.

They named her Ruby Grace. A precious jewel. 

Not forgotten.

Not discarded.




Spoken for.

The Saunders went back to Africa and scooped up Ruby and brought her home. They relocated their family so they could be near medical facilities to treat Ruby.

And how they have been abundantly blessed by their YES to care for this treasured orphan!!

Just look at the picture she posted of Ruby now---


Are you amazed???

Yes! This really is the very same child.

Look what love does!! 

Look what God can do through a willing family!

God has performed AMAZING miracles in Ruby's life! In fact, they are so numerous I cannot begin to recount them! 

But her mama can! And SHE DOES!!!

Hop over to A Place Called Simplicity to read about the miracles upon miracles they've been blessed to watch God perform in Ruby's treasured life.

What a joy it is to watch!!

*Sidenote: Want to witness such miracles in YOUR life? Do you feel God calling you to adopt? Don't want to wait forever on a match? PLEASE consider the special needs waiting orphans around the world. They are depending on someone like YOU to take a huge leap of faith (into the amazing CAPABLE arms of Jesus) and save them from the corners of orphanages.

There are waiting lists of children available on the internet. Wonderful Waiting Kids is a site where you register and see pictures, stories and videos of waiting children. Adoptable Waiting Child is another site. These are children who have been passed over and forgotten by most. Please consider them. They have no voice to call your attention to them. Please, be open. God will empower you to do the unimaginable. ...and when He does, it is miraculous!!!

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  1. I read it aloud as Dw painted the family room. Then I went over and showed the pictures to Dw and he actually {literally} started to sob.

    It means so much to us and we are so grateful to Almighty God for sending you {and others} to love on our treasure while she waited.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The pictures tell it all. She was in such pain. Of course she looks so much better than when Dw and Emma discovered her...Emma and I arrived on September 18th I think.

    We must have just missed you. I love you my friend. xoxo

    1. It was an honor to love on your precious Ruby while she waited. It was hard. Emotionally a real stretch for me. Loving on the cute, round bubbly babies is easy. She was forgotten, broken and her sweet head was soooo heavy. The mamas had a special heart for her though--I could tell. I loved that. I know that every time I held your Ruby God was doing His work in my heart to prepare me for the orphans with special needs in our own future. I am so grateful to the Lord for that time in Uganda with her. My only regret? Missing you!!!

  2. what a beautiful post.... makes my heart long for a quick arrival of Gods timing in our life.... I know adoption is in our future, its hard waiting on Gods timing.


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