Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two Years Ago Today!!!

August 11, 2011.
Do you remember what YOU were doing? 

I do.


We were sitting in the director's office having a little chat about international adoption when a nanny came in with a quiet little boy...dressed in a crazy outfit.

Ready to meet his parents.

Suddenly we were ushered into HOLY.

Angels wings fluttered.

"It's NOW!" they must have announced in hushed tones. 

After years of hurt and anguish, our little frightened boy was meeting his adoptive parents for the very first time.

"This is your Mummy and Daddy. Say hello." said the director of the orphanage.

"Hullo Mummy. Hullo Daddy," came the tiny voice.

No eye contact was made.

He clung to our necks though. 

And we walked out the door and into the taxi to go take his passport pictures.

How terrified he must have been!!!

Over the next 3 1/2 weeks we went from strangers to legal guardians...leaving for America to forge a new life.

 We got to pull him away from the other children on August birthday for a quick private visit!

Here we were about to leave for our court date! Poor little guy...he had no CLUE what was happening!!

I love these pictures! Quintessential Africa!! Oh that water jug!!

What an incredible experience this was for our Zeb. It was the first meal he had WITH A DRINK at the same time as his food. He clung to that drink for dear life. That's not how they serve 50 kids in an orphanage!

Going away party at the orphanage! Sweet mamas loving on us!!

 Having fun with fellow Ugandans being adopted by Americans as we waited for visas to process.

 Leaving beautiful Uganda.

I will always LOVE this image!!!


Happy 2 year Anniversary of meeting you, Zeb. You are my little love forever!!!

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  1. I can not believe it has been two years already! Zeb has gotten so big! It feels like yesterday that I was constantly wiping that runny nose of his :)


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