Saturday, August 10, 2013

Celebrating His First Flight!

Okay. No lie. I think I was more excited than perhaps THEY were in the sky.

Well....maybe not! ;)

But my baby boy...who was previously afraid of flying...was circling our house IN. A. PLANE. GASP!!!!!

For some reason, this child has avoided plane trips his entire 7 1/2 years!!

He was born just AFTER we came home from China.
(If you picture me with a VERY round belly coming home--you've got it right!)

We left him with grandparents when we flew with the girls to Disneyworld. We didn't take any children with us to Uganda to adopt Zeb. And we took the older girls back to China when we went to get Toby.

Everything else has been done in four wheels on the ground!

And...he had developed a tiny bit of a fear of flying I'm afraid.

Recently, Toby and I flew in a tiny little plane to Philadelphia. And the spark was ignited in his heart!

I saw it!

So we planned this day for him to go up in a plane...and have his first experience! 

The rest of the gang and I stayed home (conveniently during nap time!) and we texted back and forth so we could be outside watching as he flew over! What a fun joy it was!!

America, the beautiful.

Here's a shot from Brian's phone...look carefully! YOU CAN SEE us in the driveway jumping and shouting and waving!!!

 And what did Olly say about his experience?? "It was AWESOME mom! I'm gonna be a vet, a Bobcat driver AND a pilot!!" 


Worth every penny.

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