Saturday, August 10, 2013

Precious Marlena...let's FIND HER FAMILY!!

It has happened again.

I've fallen in love.

{My husband is probably so happy I do this with orphans and not men...hahahaha}

I know that for us, we are max capacity.



Spatially. (our house...our van can take more!)

So I'm going to blog about HER.

Seriously, I even posted a plea in our agency's Facebook group BEGGING for families to RUN to her page and see if she might be their child!!

I am not able to paste her sweet face here...but you can go HERE and see her adorable face and watch her cuuuuuuute video!!!

I beg you to go and see if precious Marlena might be YOUR daughter. She is someone's...I am JUST SURE!!!

Some really wonderful people met her in person and go one with exclamations about her "Awesomeness!!"

Marlena is 11 years old and loves to recite poetry and sing. She has a beautiful voice. She has an even temperment, is gentle and very sweet. She is very much desiring a family. (AND DID I MENTION SHE IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!?!?) Seriously, one look at her sweet face and I was gone.

Marlena has cerebral palsy of all four limbs and low tone in her trunk. She uses a stroller instead of a wheelchair because her upper body is not strong enough to roll the chair. After she is home and receives therapy, she will be an excellent candidate for a power chair. I believe that this may look like a "severe special need" to some, but when you see her...WHEN YOU SEE realize what I did about Toby...and then Esty:

"She is mine. It doesn't matter about her challenges. That child needs to be here and OUT OF THAT ORPHANAGE so she can thrive!!"

And oh will she bloom. The girl's got blooming potential!!

So you've taken this much time to read about this treasured child, will you just click and SHARE this post with your networks so we can try and locate her family???

By the way!!! I've got some GOOOOOD NEWS!!!

MATTHEW (from this post and this post) HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

(Please say a prayer for them, they are in RUSH MODE to process their paperwork so they can have adoption day BEFORE September 12th, his 14th birthday. Seriously, even IF he has this dedicated family coming for him, if they cannot beat that deadline, he stays an orphan.) 


{Please go share about Marlena now!}
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