Friday, August 30, 2013

A Drummin' Future

Everyone needs a hero. Someone to inspire them. 

Toby has AMC. He's a hero in his own right--no complaining, just hard work and diligence to complete whatever task he's gotten into his head. 

No tears of frustration.

Just a focus and plodding to DO IT.

One thing he really enjoys is a drumstick. Or a chopstick. Or a dart. Anything he can use to drum with on any surface he can find: coffee table, chair, open drawer.

"Mommy wook!" and then he drums like a madman.

No bending elbows? No problem.

My little man's got a beat!

This is from a meal out with some awesome AMC friends in Chinatown, Philadelphia. Tobster grabbed a chopstick and was going crazy. You can see that chopstick moving!! 

We started having a family worship time where we all grab an instrument and play and sing songs together. 

You guessed it: Toby grabs something to drum with.

...and he's good!

I recently saw this cool ditty on a man named Dean Zimmer who also has Arthrogyposis and is a drummer. Next to Toby, I think he's got some real potential! ;)

Love rhythm and AMC! Great combo!!

Toby, I think you can take this far!

Toby drumming during a porch band concert.
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