About Us

We are a family committed to following Jesus wherever He leads. At this writing, we have been married for 19 years and have delighted in so many joys and suffered great losses. Through everything we have found God to be more than enough. He specializes in redeeming the lost and bringing joy were sorrow once dwelt.

Passionate about God, people and other cultures, we have served around the world. We currently live in Ohio in the United States. We could not be happier that God is increasing our number! He is adding to our family from other cultures!

 The 10 of us on Easter Sunday 2016. We had found our little Windsor Grace, but at the time, we did not yet know that God had yet ANOTHER daughter perfectly planned for our family as well! Sweet Summerlin will come home at the same time and will bump our number up to TWELVE!

Our family August 2014. A few weeks before we learned about a little boy with cancer
 waiting to be chosen in China.
We thought we were a complete family. Guess not!

The Sensational Six...looking forward to bringing Esty home from China! May 2013

Video made February 2013

May 2012 taken at Hilton Head Island, SC

Family photo October 2011--Zeb had only been home a few days!

This is darling Zeb whom God saw fit to place in our hearts and family, and we are ever so grateful:

He came home Labor Day of 2011.

This is dear little Toby BaoKun who waits in an orphanage in China for us to come get him. He needs immediate medical intervention for his special needs. We are working as fast as possible to bring him home!
"Are you guys coming for me?"

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 2010
Taken about the time we decided to pursue adoption--Fall 2010

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