Adoption Fundraising

As most people know, adoption is not safe, easy or cheap. It's a hard path to walk, but we do so with hearts full of anticipation as we move forward in obedience to what God has called us to do.

That said, we need to raise money. Maybe some people have an extra $30,000 sitting in their pocket, but that would not be us. So, we are depending on God for this money.

Thus far, He has provided EVERY SINGLE PENNY when it was needed!! Praise HIM!!!

George Muller is one of our all time favorite heroes. We read his life story over many dinners and got goosebumps at the amazing ways that God provided for him, his ministry and all those orphans he cared for. (If you haven't read about him, please don't miss this joy!) One of George's policies was that he would never speak to a human about his financial need. He only prayed. I have loved this idea. I grieve that this has not been the way God has worked for us in this adoption journey, but I think (after 5 months of blogging) I have seen why.

People have written to me saying how they are getting encouragement, inspiration and are stepping out in faith in their own lives when they read about what we are doing. And that's of NO CREDIT to GOD be the glory!! But it is TRULY one of the biggest joys I have had in this journey is to see how many people have come to me with their precious personal stories, hurts, longings, prayers and I have been able to join them in praying for their OWN journeys.

And so, our adoption is pretty public.

And as we've prayed for years, "Lord, use us." So if HE wants our adoption to come about by the involvement of many people, who are we to tell Him we want to operate like George Muller? (This seems to be a repeated theme in our lives: WE are not making the plans!!!)

For our third adoption...of sweet Esty with Spina now FULLY FUNDED. We are in awe of the miracle God has performed on her behalf! You can read more about this here.

And our 4th adoption...our Gable from Sichuan, China who was fighting a rare form of childhood cancer has come home! God also provided EVERY PENNY before we left on a plane!

And now, as we do the unbelievable task of fundraising for TWO ADOPTIONS at once, we have a place where you can give directly to our adoption and receive a tax deduction. Click HERE to be directed to our Children's Lantern page.

For this week only (through May 7, 2016) you can purchase this amazing "beloved" necklace for $30 and help our adoption fund as well! Go here to purchase this treasure of a necklace made by Jubilee's Jewels!

You can continue to buy coffee. Click here to learn more. You can keep ordering coffee from our account and we are able to use this for ongoing medical costs for our special needs children.

Thank you for caring about our family, orphans and what God is doing in and through us. We THANK YOU SO MUCH for becoming part of what He is doing in our story and we pray that you will be encouraged to trust Him for whatever He might be calling you to do!

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