Saturday, December 28, 2013

FULLY FUNDED! See What God Has Done!

We have yet ANOTHER announcement to make!

Yes!!! It is TRUE!!!


Who can provide like the Lord?

Who cares for the orphan like Him?

Who sets the lonely in families?

Who comforts the brokenhearted?

Who leads us out into the depths of the ocean where feet may fail?

Who is ALWAYS FAITHFUL to His promises?

Who holds us up when we are weary and come to the end of ourselves?

Who left Heaven to live among us and then give up His own life to save ours?

Who puts a song of joy in our hearts to sing?


There were so many fears, so many questions, but all through the process God led so gently and now we are here to give testimony to HIS AMAZING PROVISION!!!

This journey to Esty began a short 9 months ago. We had fallen in love with her before going to adopt Toby. 

While in Hong Kong, God gave me a dream about this dear orphan and how she was to be named Esther because He needs her in place for the plan He has for her.


After being home 3 days with Toby, we began the process to bring Esty home.

We had prayed and fasted with two very special friends...all seeking God's face about this orphan called "Lang Han Han."

We ended up with a very special prayer and Scripture for this adoption. It is from Isaiah 41:20: 

"I am doing this so all who see this miracle
will understand what it means--
that it is the Lord who has done this,
the Holy One of Israel who created it."

We prayed specifically that it would be OBVIOUS to all who saw our adoption process that God has done this.

So I ask you, do you see?

We personally spent our savings.

We scrimped and saved.

We ate rice and beans.

We had "Storybook dinners" where we ate oatmeal for dinner in our pajamas and I would read stories while we ate. (They had NO IDEA this was to save money but rather delighted in it!!)

We applied for a LOT of grants. We were awarded 4. Their total came to $14,500!!

We sold 4 different tee shirts!

We had a yard sale.

We were gracious recipients of MANY online parties and the consultants so generously donated their commissions to our fund.

We had 2 Adopt Shoppe auctions! (One through The Adopt Shoppe and a second surprise when our dear friend donated her own purchases from there to bring in money!)

We had custom jewelry made to benefit our adoption. (You can still order these if you like!)

We sold coffee with Just Love Coffee.

We did a puzzle fundraiser.

We made a dog bed and sold it. :)

I stepped out in faith (scared to death) and painted canvases for an art auction.

A painting had crazy favor and became a hoodie and tee shirt.

It later became a necklace!

That step of faith alone brought in $4,000!!! (SEE!?!! God DID this!!!)

We had friends rally around us and campaign for us to bring in money.

And we had lots of amazing people hear God prompt them to give to bring Esty home all throughout the process.

There was one day we owed $700 to submit our dossier to couldn't be sent until the money was paid.

I read the email about the money needed, prayed while in the shower, "Lord, we have no idea how to pay this! You are going to HAVE to do something!" I got out of the shower and dressed and came down and got the mail...inside was enough to pay the dossier fee. Some extended family had all rallied together and donated to get Esty home. In PERFECT TIMING.

Do you see that God did this???

So many wonderful people have love for orphans, but they fear the daunting amount of money that is required to adopt.

I am here to say, if God lays adoption and orphan care on your heart...


Trust Him in new ways.

He is the defender of orphans.

He is merciful.

He sets the lonely in families.

He created the entire EVERYTHING with a word. He OWNS everything. Do you really think if He calls you into something big that He will leave you without the money to do it?

There are MILLIONS of waiting children in the world.

Esty waits only two weeks more.

But millions more wait for someone to trust obediently step out in faith to say YES.

No, I do NOT think everyone should adopt an orphan. But I think that if your heart is stirring right now...

that you need to seriously pray about whether He is calling you into this too.

You may discover you are called into orphan care, but it looks different than adoption...

...and that's AWESOME!!

But please, hear me dear one, if you are being called to ADOPT but you are too SCARED because of the money required...


You have seen and heard my testimony. THREE TIMES OVER He has provided for our international adoptions.

He is faithful.

If He is calling you to do this, He WILL PROVIDE.

(And hear me: I am not saying you sit back on your duff and checks just come rolling into your mailbox. I am saying you will work like you've never worked before and you will be in awe of God's power like never before.)

So, dear one, you have hijacked my post! I was writing about us being fully funded...but I am led to write to encourage you to step out in faith. You know who you are, with your heart beating as you read, your eyes all teary. 

God knows.

Trust Him.

Be obedient.

Let HIM write your story.

He's the BEST at it!!!!!

I'm praying for you...and your sweet waiting child(ren) too!!! :)

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  1. Needed to hear this today as we wait. We too have spent our savings, and everyday we pray for God to provide. It's scary looking at that BIG total that is left. But my God is BIGGER so we will trust Him.


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