Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013~Go Out With A Bang!

As you know, we've had an AMAZING 2013!!!!

New child added to our family--TOBY!

And a calling to become a family to yet ANOTHER child--ESTY!!!

And all the approvals and funds flowing in as abundant goodness from the Father Himself!

I have a friend who is leaving for China when we are and is bringing home TWO beautiful treasures!!!
These orphans will be named Ella and Natalie…

So sweet!!!!!

They are 7 years old and 2. Aren't they precious????

The Rubenstien family has EIGHT children already…5 of whom have been grafted in by the gift of adoption.

Four of whom hail from China! Their most recent adoption from there was in 2011. One of their sweet ones was adopted from America.

I am writing to see if you would spread some of your joyful 2013 happiness to their family?

They leave in 9 days…and still need to raise $3,500.

They have already fundraised themselves crazy…their total need WAS $40,000!!!

{Take a pause here.} 

AMAZING. God has blessed them with SO MUCH!!!

I am writing believing that my amazing team of orphan loving Jesus followers will help Ella and Natalie join the Rubenstein family!!

$3,500---I can SO SEE us raising this!!!!! Can we do it, TONIGHT?????

You can give for these sweet girls' home going here: on Reece's Rainbow where gifts are tax deductible and all of your gift goes towards adoption expenses.

I'm going to see this family in Guangzhou…won't it be AWESOME to know you had a hand in ALL these orphans joining their families?!?!


Thank you for this incredible year and ALL you had to do with it. Thank you for continuing to bless orphans and families…

A PHENOMENAL END to  2013!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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