Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Treasured THANK YOU…for Toby.

I just had a very heart warming moment…

We were sitting as a family enjoying the movie Elf (I laugh like I've never seen it every single time!) and I was remembering this time last year…


For Toby.

Who was snuggled under the covers with me, giggling as I tickled the bottoms of his feet.

Those squinty eyes.

That adorable dimply face.

The light of the movie illuminated the truth:


And I just got all sentimental.

I want to NEED TO say THANK YOU.

We were not financially able to bring Toby home from his orphanage. 

We had just spent every spare penny to finalize Zebby's adoption from Uganda.

Yet there he was. Just a picture:
We could not turn away.

He was ours.

And you helped him come home.

There was NO WAY we could have come up with the $32,000 it took.


And as I snuggled this bundle of pure joy and giggles, I just wanted to say:


I will never be the same. 

Toby has come and changed me forever.

Some say that WE are heroes…but I'll tell you the truth: 

GOD is the hero.

HE does the saving.

We have the awesome privilege of hosting His miracles.

And YOU were part of that miracle as you rallied together unlike anything I have ever seen and helped us bring him home.

He is now snuggled in his bed with one arm in a cast, the other in a special splint to coax the bend. His teeth are freshly brushed, his jammies are warm and he has two brothers in the room to keep him company.

Life is absolutely incredible.

And I want to say thank you for partnering with our family to do this most amazing work.

Thank you.
                   Thank you.

                                                  THANK YOU!!!!!!


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  1. What a blessing! You know, it's driving me nuts that I TOTALLY get the step out in faith thing, and know that G-d meets us way more than half way, but dh isn't there and that's not the way he thinks. There is a little girl listed on one of the sites for whom I would have absolutely jumped, yesterday, dude....sigh. Your continued prayers are appreciated! (I'm your Jewish FB friend, Penny is the short form. :) ) I know G-d can do this, and I am trying really hard to stay focused on that!


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