Sunday, December 1, 2013

The State of Things.

It's Sunday.

We had a wonderful morning with our church family and came home for a family meal. All eight of us around the table…missing number 9.

After the crazy post-meal routine, many of us went upstairs for a nap.

Others read.

Littles woke.

Kids watched a movie.

Parents read on Kindles. (one in particular took an unintentional nap!)

I now dine on Cheerios for dinner (my Sunday special! no cooking here!) and my man works out in his "woodshop" with his youngest daughter at his side.

The house is cluttered with toys, shoes, hats, gloves and homework pages that await parental signatures.

I hear a clarinet, a drum, a guitar and then the feet march past. 

"We are in a PARADE!" they say.

The night sky has darkened to black and I look: 6:00 pm.

Thoughts of summer and playing outside and dirty feet flitter across my mind.

I snuggle into my hoodie a little more. 

It's not warm now.

Tomorrow our Article 5 gets dropped off in China.

In 2 weeks it will be picked up and our Travel Approval wait begins.

That date is December 16th. This is the birthday of one of my lifelong favorite people. It's also the day of the Boston Tea Party. {Do make a note of it! Everyone needs a reason to party!}

We have begun the month of December…and now I can say that NEXT MONTH, we meet Esty and bring her home forever.

How cray-cray-crazy is THAT!?!?!?

We have thousands of dollars yet to raise, but I rejoice in our Usborne Book, Thirty One parties and our puzzle fundraiser that all completed this week with upwards of $3,600 for Esty!!!


Our Chosen tees will be ordered on Wednesday (have you ordered yours yet???) and I am working on TWO MORE fun ideas to bring Esty home. 

Seriously, a mother's brain only gets started at 1 am dreaming of OTHER WAYS to raise funds to get that sweet girl home.

Natives are getting hungry and our thoughts begin to swing to the orchestration of basketball practices, groceries, meals and all that goes on around here in a week.

Happy Sunday.

Happy December.

Happy me because of you.

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