Friday, January 3, 2014

In Awe…it's DONE!

There have been now THREE times in my life that I have been stunned that something MAJOR is now over.

A time when my ENTIRE LIFE was focused around a HUGE life event full of details and hard work and then…it was simply DONE.

The realization comes as a SHOCK to me. A total awe-inspiring moment when I simple realize:

On our honeymoon--17 yrs ago!

The FIRST was when we were sitting on the beach on our honeymoon.

Brian put his arms around me and whispered in my ear: "All that wedding planning…it's DONE."

And I sucked in a breath of shock!


We were married! And on the beach! YIPPIE!!!

The SECOND was when our 2nd child was born.

Anneli 1 day old! 
With my first baby, dear Jensi, I had a RIDICULOUSLY LONG labor-- 39 HOURS!!! I had to push for over 2 hours and finally they used the vacuum thingee. (oh the memories! wince!! cringe!!)

So when Anneli was born after a short time in the hospital (like less than an hour!) and she was OUT in ONE PUSH I was totally in awe.

Birthing my child was ALL DONE. 

ALL DONE!!!!! She was here!!!

And now I am having my THIRD experience like this.

We just got our in country bill for Esty's adoption. 

It was large.

And I expected it to be.

And…our grants cover it IN FULL.

I do not have to run out to various banks and wire money…in the snow. (I did this for Toby's adoption.)

I'm sitting here in my robe with my coffee and am just so in AWE.

It's DONE!! No more fundraising!!! 


We are FULLY FUNDED, and seriously ALL that is left is to get on a plane and bring her home!!!!

Esty…smiling big! We are coming for her and she knows it!!

Sweet Esty, here we come!!!!

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  1. Whoo Hoo and praise the Lord!!!!! Cannot wait to follow along sweet Amy!!!


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