Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Esty's Emergency

I had this entire post typed out...and it vanished. Gone.


So, it went something like this:

It's been a while since I've posted...because we've been consumed with Esty's medical emergency.

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you may not know, but it's been pretty intense around here.

Sweet girl came to us sick. But we didn't know it.

She had plenty of energy in the beginning...and ran fevers in the afternoon.

We thought it was from the change of everything. We gave her Tylenol and continued to deal with our incredible learning curve with Spina Bifiida and incontinence.

Soon, it dawned on us that perhaps something isn't right. 

We got our hands on some Bactrim and began treating what we believed to be a UTI. 

Friday when we flew from Beijing to Guangzhou, she was silent. She refused to eat. Wouldn't drink. Wouldn't speak when spoken to. No more smiles. 

We had packed up everything she knew to this point and were leaving her place of birth. We thought for sure this was simply her emotional response to her mega life changes. 

But then the fever. And she vomited.

Saturday morning we went to the consulate medical appointment. We explained to the doctor what we had been observing, and showed the medicine we had given her. She immediately advised we take her to the doctor and begin intravenous antibiotics. 

My heart flipped.

We were pushed to the head of the lines to see the various doctors and whisked out of the consulate building and taken to the International hospital. 

It was a Saturday, but we were so graciously seen immediately by a very kind doctor who had his training in the States. He ordered a series of tests and after an examination he told us she had a very serious kidney infection and needed immediate IV treatment to stop any kidney damage.

Again, within minutes they had us in a private room and began the infusion of medicine.

So for the next 5 days we would daily sit in that room, awaiting results of blood and urine tests...praying that maybe NOW she was better.

You see, we almost lost our Esty.

The doctor told me after we had her going on the IV drip just HOW serious her infection was.

"This is VERY serious. It is fatal in a few days."


Yes, she had gone septic.

And I saw her Adopt Shoppe necklace, "She knew she was here for such a time as this..." What IF we hadn't gotten our travel approval when we did? What IF we weren't here for her now?

This kidney infection had been in the works for a while. Oh. I cannot even go there.

So graciously the doctor allowed us to take her home to our hotel rather than admit her to the local Chinese hospital. "You'll be more comfortable there, I think." 

So we returned daily for more blood draws, more urine tests, more IV drips. 

And she took it like a champion. Never a tear. Never a side glance of fear. Handing over her arm for more.

Incredible. Every doctor and nurse we met in our time commented on what an incredible child she is!!

Finally on the 3rd day, when we got news that some numbers actually got worse, I saw that strong bottom lip quiver. And her arm went up over her face.

By the 5th attempt to get the IV started I actually heard an audible whimper. 

Poor girl.

So so so strong.

And so at the end of herself. And then her eyes began to swell shut. Craziness.

Day 4 we got the news that she had drank sufficient water that she could just have a shot in the hip rather than the 3 hour IV drip. I have never seen a child so happy to get an injection before! And this one was a DOOZY...but of course, she took it without even a wince. 

And finally on day 5 we got our "walking papers" and were able to leave with only oral medicine!!!

What happiness!!!!

I have wondered HOW MUCH to say...and have decided that this is important for others to know that:
1) God is ALWAYS faithful, carrying us when we are afraid, in scary circumstances, a world away from home and that He rescues;
2) Spina bifida kids have complications...but nothing is too much when God has called you to them!
3) God has used this to build the bond between us...she had begun to favor Brian over me and almost push me away...(it's a common way of grieving the loss of a female caregiver) but this has cemented our hearts together as I never left her side and handled some pretty intense moments together. 

Other details will not be shared publicly but please know that if you are considering the adoption of one of these precious SB kids, I am always available to talk, listen, answer questions and encourage you in your journey. I long to hear that because of our story other children are finding families!!

I am loading this from Hong we have her passport and US visa and are on our way to becoming a family of nine! She will become a US citizen when we land in America!!


  1. I have been praying everyday! SO glad you are on your way home!

  2. Wow! I was just noticing today that I hadn't heard any updates for awhile. I am so happy that He knew EXACTLY when your travel dates would be!! Always, always Perfect. It sounds like E had sepsis, which basically means the infection went into her bloodstream. Very scary and very serious. Praise God, that they gave her the IV antibiotics. Due to a poor immune system, I have become Septic on many occasions. I now know the symptoms and get right in to the ER. Esty will need to be watched closely. I am keeping you all in my prayers and hope to hear that you are home...soon. With Love in Him. Jo

  3. wow. I have been praying, but I will pray more. I started following your blog when you posted about Ruby's story from Linny's blog.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Amy, I am so proud of you guys. And Esty has been Hand-Picked by our Father - her parents have been delivered to her at "such a time". So happy and so excited. Can't wait to see you HOME. - Missy

  5. This is so amazing!! I'm a special needs adoption as well

  6. Oh my gosh Amy. I am speechless. Thank G-d you were there. Orchestrated indeed....

  7. WOW! Bless her heart, Amy! "for such a time" indeed!!!


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