Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Love Strand Challenge 5/28

Today it snowed. A lot. As in major flakes falling at warp speed ALL DAY.

Brian went outside to shovel snow. Oliver joined him. Anneli followed. Jensi started pulling on her boots and I ran out with my camera. I turned around and saw sweet DQ (Darrah Kate as she is affectionately known) practically jumping up and down begging to be able to come out and play too!

And she got to come out! She didn't do much but stand in one place and sing "Jingle Bells," but she was happy. Hear her sing here. My heart swelled. It was her longing fulfilled.

What a delight when our longings are fulfilled! I believe God places His desires within our hearts and then He prompts us to want them and then He delights to give them to us. The whole exchange all in accordance with His plan before the foundations of the world.

I have a longing that remains unfulfilled. I have wanted to have twins. I have longed and ached to have twins. God gave me a set of them once, but one ran ahead to Jesus. That might be all for me...but I believe He has asked me to keep praying for twins. I don't understand it, but there it is: my longing remains unfulfilled. We'll see if this adoption is how He chooses to work.

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