Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Love Strand 3/28

There are few things I would trade for time one on one with my children. (A beach this time of year might win! But only "might!") One of the best decisions for our family has been choosing to homeschool during the preschool year.  I was really on the fence about whether or not to enroll Oliver this past year in our church's preschool program. When it all was said and done, I didn't do it.

I am so glad.

Now please don't pound me with comments about how anti-school I am. I'm not. I taught 3rd grade myself overseas. My older girls were also homeschooled for K, 1st and 2nd grades but are now happily learning in a local public school that we love. I think school is a really fabulous thing that our American children are blessed with and I don't take it lightly. [Enter a comment here about how unjust is it that children in poorer countries don't get to attend school because they are busy hauling dirty water. Or you could just go here.]

But, oh the times I have delighted in with my son this past year! It makes my heart overflow with gratefulness. I am so grateful that I chose to keep him home. His quest for knowledge is unquenchable! Today he has put himself on a self-led experiment with a large computer magnet. Some of the things he comes and shows me are crazy! Did you know that he can pick up a pack of 26 mini books with a magnet? We have played more Missing Match Ups then I can shake a stick at and he's learned to read and sound out words. His math skills blow me away and I think we can bank on him to take over the family finances.

Today we repeated a science experiment from last week. It was so fun then that he wanted to do it again. Why not? He wanted green food coloring rather than red. I see no problem. So please enjoy the expression of love we shared today:

I forgot, because there was no need to rush off to the school bus this morning (thank you 2-hour delay!), I started my day snuggling with him for about 20 minutes. Can you say heaven??? (I didn't get any pictures of that!)

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