Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Till the Cows Come Home

You might be wondering what's next...cause today

the cow came home!

Yes, literally.

And of course, left a little something behind...

People often ask me when they hear we have chickens,
"I thought you lived in town?"

We do.

That makes this all the more exciting doesn't it?

This little guy was born just earlier today, March 1st!
He had to be convinced to eat!
The  warmest he'd been all day!
Learning to stand!

DQ checks out the newborn....


Zora "welcomes" the little guy!

Happy farmer daddy!

Perhaps next week:

Pigs fly!


  1. these pictures totally bring back memories! When I was Oliver's age we had an orphan calf that we (i.e., my dad) raised. My mom has the cutest picture somewhere of my little brother Charlie feeding the little one this GIANT bottle... and then the poor calf froze in a cold snap or something.


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