Monday, March 21, 2011

Urgent need for PRAYERS!!

We realize we have not shared what is going on in our adoption lately, but please forgive us that HUGE DETAIL and skip to the prayer part, we beg you!!

We need a string of miracles to happen so that we can do the thing that God is asking of us. (And when it's time, we will tell you with great and abundant JOY!!! Pinkie promise!!!)

Please, if you are willing, fall to your knees and ask the KING of GLORY to line up all necessary people, appointments, documents, mail delivery etc. so that we can have our completed paperwork in hand. My prayer is April 1st. That's an unbelievable date. You cannot imagine all that must be done, reviewed and cleared by then.

There is a critical time piece involved. 

humbly we ask you,


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