Thursday, September 26, 2013

A 2nd Grader's Widow's Mite

My eyes are still wet.

I sat here with Oliver before bed, watching the video about a sweet girl who is DESPERATE for a family to choose her. Her video is compelling and it breaks your heart to see her plea for a family...and break into tears. The nanny tells her softly, "No, don't cry. Don't be sad."

But it is just so, so sad.

Oliver and I watched it.

He said very little. He's an inward processor. Very UNlike his momma! ;)

He asked me about Esty, "Why can't she walk, Momma?" 

I explained spina bifida. I explained incontinence.

I then shared that she's been waiting (like the girl in the video) for NINE YEARS for a family to come for her.

It's longer than he has been alive.

His eyes widened.

Still, he said nothing.

He then asked me about the money we needed to go get her.

"How much more do we need?"


"How much would we need if we just started?"


"So...we only need $2,000?" he asked quietly.

"No, actually a lot more than that. Twenty-one thousand," I shared.

"Ohhhh. That's a lot." 

Yes. Yes it is.

But God is WAAAAY bigger.

He was gone then. Not sure even when or how he snuck away. The next thing I know he has returned with his wallet open and he is handing me two dollars.

"Mom, I want to give this to bring Esty home." he said with his hand holding the two Washingtons.

"Oh Oliver, are you SURE? Maybe you want to keep it for later when you are with Esty?" I offered.

"No, mom. I want to get her home. This is all the dollars I have. Please take it.

And he smiled.

I'm in tears again as I write.

It's just like the widow that Jesus praised in Luke chapter 21:

He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

I held the two dollars and prayed over them. So precious. Gifts of the heart. My boy. Esty's future brother.

Sometimes people question whether adopting other children into your family is "fair" to your biological children. I wonder if it's fair NOT to. God is using the adoption of Esty in a powerful way in many people's hearts...and I think Oliver is one of them.

I'd love to share the precious video he and I watched together tonight. You never know, it might spark something in you or your children's hearts too. Emily NEEDS a family!!! And so do SOOOOOO MANY OTHERS!!!

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  1. "except you become as little children". No wonder Jesus said that. I love it! As far as Emily, such a heartbreaker! My kids all watched it and are so concerned about her. Lily wants to make an announcement at church tomorrow. She said that someone helped her and she wants to help this girl "because she really wants a family". She asked me to call you and find out how old she is.


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