Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Books for Baby---TAKE TWO!!

So...when we were fundraising last year to bring Toby home...we couldn't resist having an Usborne book sale be part of it!

Fast forward nearly one year and here we are: our hearts are smitten with yet another special needs orphan waiting for a family in China.

And we have another fabulous opportunity to fundraise by an online party with Usborne!

Just to say...my kids got their books for Christmas last year. 
That was a full 9 months ago.

And they are STILL reading them. Daily.


(I know because I'm picking up messes CON.STANT.LY. and it's books. And it's THOSE BOOKS!) Full disclosure: it's also plenty of dirty socks, empty cups and bowls, dress up clothes, toy cars, etc too! ;)

I think their favorites are the non-fiction variety. I'm definitely ordering more for the boys' birthdays this month! (shhhhh!) And probably for Christmas too!

If you would like to get some amazing books for your loves, we are hosting this party through the END of NOVEMBER 2013. 100% of the commission will be donated to help us bring Esty home!!

What's cool is that you can order now, and it will ship now! No waiting until the party closes! :)

You can start shopping by clicking this link...or using the "SHOP" tab at the top and seeing the other ways we are currently fundraising to bring our sweet girl home!


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