Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Adopt Shoppe Auction Time!!!

One of the 20 being auctioned off!

What's better than Christmas???

YOU being READY for it! :)

And I've got an AWESOME way...

The Adopt Shoppe's necklaces!!! 

There are TWENTY that are being auctioned off over on our "Shaw Family Adoption" page on Facebook. The auction runs through 9 pm EST this Saturday.

That means you've got to get bidding to WIN!

If you are not familiar with The Adopt Shoppe, let me strongly encourage you to follow them on Instagram and to like their page on Facebook

Owner Kate has a passion for orphans and adoption and is a busy mom of 4 herself! She has adopted some of her clan and understands the need for fundraising. She graciously holds fundraisers occasionally and we are SOOOOOO HONORED to have her do this for our family!

That said, The Adopt Shoppe does not keep stock of their necklaces. She makes them late at night (like a good Proverbs 31 woman! ;) ) and she will often sell her work (bracelets too!) on Instagram with flash sales. They are so fun to watch! (and very hard to win!)

I also wanted to show you the quality of her work as I have my own personal necklace that she made for me recently:

 See how the glass domes? Isn't that sooooo cool? You can't really tell that from the pictures, so I wanted to show you JUST HOW COOL they really are!!!!

So I HOPE you can see that these are awesome gifts and a wonderful wonderful idea for your Christmas shopping!! Don't let this auction pass you by!!

Here's a few more of the ones that are in our sale:

And MANY MORE!!! Hop on over and take a peek!! You could be the most AMAZING SANTA this year!! ;) 

Click here to go directly to the auction.

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