Thursday, October 17, 2013

Celebrating is What We Do!


It's full of awesome reasons to celebrate!!

Not only are the leaves turning such gorgeous colors and the apple butter is scenting up the house so lovely...we have SO MANY REASONS TO CELEBRATE!!!

Our 17th anniversary!! (my how time is flying!!)

Zeb's 5th birthday!!

Toby's re-adoption! (and successful trip to get his name corrected on his social security card!)

Apple picking with family!

Puppy visiting!

Watching our girls act in the Little Mermaid!

Oliver's 8th birthday!! (you are SO right, that's not a picture of his birthday...because it's next week! BUT, we can celebrate that his passport is being applied for! Celebrate EVERYTHING!!)

Not to mention a special friend's birthday and a trip home to see our families!

Just wanted to share a few favorite pics of these recent days...

Hope you are busy celebrating the joys of autumn with your loved ones too!!

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