Saturday, September 7, 2013

Matthew is Going HOME!!!

Do you remember Matthew??? 

Well, I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

He has a family! And that family has FLOWN through the China adoption process!

And guess what?

Matthew ages out THIS THURSDAY...

but his new mama is getting on a plane TOMORROW to go get him!!!


I want to plea with you to pray for her.

She will be traveling to get "Matthew" whom will be named Levi Matthew, by herself.

But WE KNOW she isn't really going alone.

Jesus, Almighty God and lover of the fatherless, is leading her, guiding her, going ahead and behind her and filling her with His presence.

Please pray that nothing hinders her path to get Levi Matthew!!

I would also ask you to be in prayer for Matthew himself as ALL HE HAS EVER KNOWN in this world will drastically change.

Oh yes, he wants a family.

Oh yes, he wants to be adopted. To belong. To have a mama.

And he will...but there is such a loss also that dear Matthew will endure, that we really must uphold his precious heart and emotions in our prayers.

Suddenly all whom he has known, everything he has ever experienced, the food, the language even his name (his Chinese name is not Matthew) WILL UTTERLY CHANGE on a dime.

Once he comes to America, or perhaps even before, grief will need to be experienced. 

And as one who has walked the road of grief (albeit a different kind), I will tell you it is WORK.


Matthew (Levi Matthew that is!) will be desperate for our prayers. 

Please join me in praying for him, his adjustment, his grief work, his acclimation to his new family, his bonding time with his new mama in China, their details of the adoption to be smooth, their trip home and then ALL THAT IS AHEAD of them once he comes home.

You will probably want to read THIS POST from his amazing mother-to-be as she writes from her heart (on her family blog) about what song she will sing to her new son when they meet! (Oh, this post MELTS MY HEART!!!!) Be sure to follow their journey!

What a JOY: He is going home!! 

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