Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Apply for a {Boatload} of Grants

I apologize for removing this post. 

I had no idea a sweet adoptive mommy is going to be using this information in her OWN BOOK to sell to raise money for a future adoption.

It IS great, great helpful material...but I cannot rob my sweet friend of her ability to fundraise with her phenomenal organizational skills!! (She shared some of the ideas I wrote out with me personally, neither of us realizing the other would publish!)

Do look for her book sometime soon! Watch for it here on her site: The Adoption Cafe!

In the meantime, if you are interested in receiving a spreadsheet of grants and information I've been accumulating, leave your email address in the comment section below. You will need to do your own research as timing will have changed but the template is helpful. Thanks to my friend, Jennifer, for sending hers to me!

In the meantime, you can do your own research for grants by going here and here.

Happy Grant Applying!!!
(p.s. I will not publish your email if you leave it for me.)


  1. I would love to see your spread sheet and any tips possible. We are just finished our HS. Thanks!!! Jenne redfern @ rconnects. com

    1. chavafor4, I can't seem to reach you. This email does not work. Send me a new comment so I can actually get the spreadsheet to you! :)


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