Thursday, September 12, 2013

Now Fundraising for Esty---with Scentsy!!!

We have been blessed again with an opportunity to raise funds for Esty's adoption!

A new friend, Jennifer, has so graciously offered her entire commission to Esty's fund from anyone who purchases Scentsy (super fun, good smelling "treats" for your home!) using her online party website!!


That's 25% of total sales will go directly to help us bring dear Esther "Esty" out of her orphanage and HOME where she can begin school, therapy and understanding that she is TREASURED AND LOVED by us, her family.

Yah, this girl makes my heart go pitter-pat. I want to love on her so badly!!!
All you have to do to participate is to click on this link to Jennifer's site and choose "Scentsy for Esty Shaw" under the SHOP tab at the top (so her party gets the credit!) We have until OCTOBER 15th to have sales come in.

Oh, and get ready for your stuff to get to you PRONTO! My friend ordered her stuff one day and got it THE NEXT DAY!!! Hello late that birthday coming soon? Here ya go!!! Yer welcome!!

So whatcha doin still reading? Get shopping:

...and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. Great picture!! I lost your email address... Can you send it to me? We are planning an Ohio trip and would love to connect with you while we are there.

    1. Sally, your profile is blank on blogger...I cannot figure out how to contact you. You can contact me using the email button.



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