Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busted out and Growin' Strong!

Today marks six months!

6 months ago today we busted Toby out of his orphanage!!

Six months ago we carefully dressed in our "Love with Abandon" shirts and counted down the hours.

Then the minutes.

We drove to the meeting spot.

We went up in the elevator.

We held our breaths until it was our turn.


For a family.

No. More. Waiting.


It was rather EMOTIONAL. For everyone!

He got to meet his daddy 6 months ago today too...

(don't worry, he fell for him hard!)

Mommy is looking for that precious dimple! Didn't I see one over here?!?!

On the way back to the hotel...

"What is this game of "peek-a-boo" anyway?!"

 Precious first moments together...

Adoption day was the very next day! A Shaw FOREVER!!


And now for a look at Toby's first 6 months in a family...

 Three brothers in jammies!!

 That amazing smile...

 Swinging high...oh my the GIGGLES the first time he ever did this!!

 ...and I WISH I had a picture of his first bike ride...same BIG GIGGLES!!! :)

 With big sister! Oh THERE is that precious dimple!!

On vacation with one of his favorite people, "Gwampa!"

In "wuv" with all his sisters!

First birthday in a family!!

And the final image to represent the change in Toby after 6 months:

He has grown 2 inches and gained 6 pounds...but more than that he has grown so much in his comprehension of how VALUED and LOVED he is and he understands that family is forever.

We rejoice in the gift of Toby in our family!!!

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  1. This is just beautiful. The photos of your girls teary about meeting their new brother....amazing.

  2. I love seeing all those pictures, what a cutie! our little guy is six months home next month!


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