Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jesus Loves the Waiting Children of the World..

For every family who wants to adopt a healthy baby...

there are thousands upon thousands more children who are waiting to be chosen.

In China there is a rule that once a child has their 14th birthday, they may no longer be adopted.

It's OVER.

All hope of having a mom and a dad comes to a screeching halt.

This breaks my heart.

I have learned that children who are 18 (legal ADULTS!) in our American foster care systems still allow themselves to be listed as waiting for adoption because...









Oh this breaks my heart too!

How often have you called your mom on the phone needing some advice?

"How do I cook a turkey, Mom?" "Remind me how to hem a pair of pants again?" 

These children have nobody.

No one who will sit by their bedside and listen to their hopes and dreams at night.

No one will will correct them when they step out of line.

No one who will encourage them when they feel down.

And in China, once the 14th birthday arrives--all hopes are shut off for a family.


That's why I want to introduce you to a few children.

The first is a boy named Matthew.

Matthew is 13 years old and in danger of aging out FAST.

He has only a few months for his family to find him.

Here's what a volunteer said after spending time with this special young man:
Matthew is a bright boy, and tries really hard at school! He currently attends a special education school with some of his friends where I am told he is doing really well. He has two special needs; a skull deformity and dyskinesia of right limbs. He has very limited use of his right arm and hand. However, this does not affect his life greatly. He will never be an Olympic athlete, but he is able to run around and generally play like most kids.

Matthew has waited far too long for a family. He gets on with everyone and has lots of friends! I saw him grow and mature over the year, he truly is growing into a kind and generous young man. On top of that, he is an easy-going, handsome, bright and funny boy who needs a mom and dad of his own. I do not want him to face the future alone..

 Will YOU become Matthew's family? Help us beat the clock and find his family!! Share about him!

The second is a boy named Bo. He is 12 years old.

As you may notice, Bo is missing his left forearm. Otherwise, he is said to be athletic, active and extroverted. I got to see video of him playing in the orphanage yard with other children, giggling and running and...waiting.

Here's a tidbit from his file:
Bo goes to third class at school. Since his reception ability is lagging behind, he studies seriously and hard. He works hard at school, consult when meeting questions, forms good studying habits, the teachers are all like him.
In terms of studying, he always tells himself “I’m not stupid, I just didn’t work hard; although I’m not genius, I will continue to work hard to change my fate”. He is ambitious. He gets along well with others at school and likes to play games with others. He loves to work and help others, left a good impression at school. He is active, naughty and has a ready smile. He comes back to this big family after class and brings his little sisters and brothers to play.

In their eyes, Bo is a big brother, always helps them and takes care of them. In the caretakers’ eyes, he is mature and always tries his best to do things within his power. Once, he cleared up the chairs and did some cleaning in the absence of a teacher, he always wipes desks for teachers which make them moved. They regard him as their closest relatives and love him. He is independent in daily life and has strong power to self care. He cleans his room everyday and washes his clothes frequently. He pays attention to sanitation and always makes his clothes tidy. He is an athletic boy, we hope other children could study from him.

Is Bo your son? Will you helps spread the word for him?

A third is Cassandra. Also a teenager with limited time to become a daughter.

Cassandra is 12 years old. She is blind in her right eye and is listed as having spina bifida and unilateral club feet. She has received surgery for her feet by an American doctor, but more surgery is needed.

She is said to be hard working in her studies and is a talented piano player. She is very open and outgoing with a wonderful, ready smile. She can make friends easily and is said to be very helpful to her friends.

Cassandra is able to move and walk with assistance and has continence.

Will you be her mother or father? Will you help share her story so they will find her?

Watch the following video and see the amazing facts about the world's orphans. See how God moves your heart!

If you would like information on Matthew, Bo or Cassandra I can put you in contact with someone who can help you!

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