Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Much Excitement! Momentum Rocks!


So happy to hear today that we have our

LOG IN DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was yesterday: November 27, 2012!

This is huge news and means we are logged into the Chinese system and well on our way to bring Toby home!!

And in other news...

"Twenties for Toby"--the awesome brainchild of my friend Alexis--has gone NATIONAL! Instead of the state of California friend Kerry has created an event on Facebook where all states are challenged to be represented! Click here to read about it and join up!


I'm so giddy I can barely stand it!

God is bringing in the finances we didn't have when we said "YES" to adopting this dear little boy in China.

If you remember, we had just finished paying for Zeb's adoption. That. Very. Month.

And God showed us Toby.

It was quite a bit overwhelming! Overwhelming to be sure!

The ticket price to adopt from China is $30,000!!!

We had not a penny.

But God did.

We trusted Him and look at what He has done!!! Click here to see our current total raised! :)

WOW.  Pretty amazing huh?

And now...we have LID!

Toby dude, we are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

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