Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's Orphan Sunday...

It's Orphan Sunday...

...and I cannot stay silent.

There are a thousand ways to honor the fatherless in the world...but I'm going to suggest just 


One way to make the biggest difference in the most places around the planet...and specifically in your own heart.

One thing to do that will move heaven.

One thing that you can do while you wash the Sunday dishes.

One thing that you can do to bring hope and healing to the hearts of the millions of orphans around the world today.


That's right, prayer unleashes the power of God. We are commanded to pray about all things...and I suggest that today as a way of honoring the dear children who have no voice and no ability to speak up for themselves.

Using a suggested prayer guide from Katie Davis who works in Uganda with some of the neediest orphans and children in the world, I urge you to not just read this but to PRAY.

-Pray for the children in our world with no parent at all, with one parent, or with absent parents – that they will be comforted by our mighty God and will feel hope today.

-Pray for an 
increased awareness for the needs of vulnerable children in your own community, and for God to reveal to you how you might help.

-Pray that God would inspire His people – both your church and the Church worldwide - to speak up for the fatherless and become active in foster care, adoption, and global orphan care.

-Pray for Amazima’s outreach in Uganda to the vulnerable children we encounter. Pray that we serve well, love generously, and always direct them to Jesus Christ. Pray also for other parachurch ministries that are responding to Christ’s call to serve the widow and the fatherless around the world.

-Seek the Lord and ask whether He might want you to be the family for a child who does not have one.

You never know how your simple obedience in prayer will impact the world! Well, I take that back, you WILL know...but not till the other side of heaven! 

Get your kids involved in praying for orphans! Some of the biggest mountains I've seen moved have been as a result of the powerful, faith-filled prayers of a CHILD! One precious mommy I know prays with her children each morning, "Lord, how can we love on orphans today?" I can tell you that they have seen God move in BIG WAYS.

My prayer is that many who would not have normally prayed for the fatherless of this country and all over the world will be moved to do MORE than they have in the past.

I love when the people of God pray to Him about things on His heart! The results are amazing! (I look at our own Zeb and see how true this is!) 

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