Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Can't Seem to Finis...

I currently have TEN started drafts for this blog.


That seems excessive to me.

I have more than that started in my head of course...and their next step is to make it to my iPhone to do list for "this month." Then I grab a 1/2 second and begin to write...only to be interup...

So you see, I am seriously backlogged.

But I am determined to finish this post about NOT finishing!!

I have valid reasons for my scatteredness, really.

*Health issues in myself, DQ and Zeb (we are battling the leftovers from a stupid parasite that he came home from Uganda with 15 months ago!). This has been going on for me since late July. Just when I think it's over...its back. Poo! (oh yes, pun intended!) 

*My father in law's sudden fall at our house and subsequent emergency brain surgery and 2 weeks hospitalization.

*Brian's spontaneous lung collapsing and subsequent surgery and 10 days hospitalization.

*Zeb's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy yesterday morning...and what is looking like a not fun recovery.

*Financial stress from all of the above.

*Regular life does not slow down so we can attend to the above!

And so, I have let sitting and blogging go to the wayside.

I miss it. I miss you.

I still am living life as passionate as before...but I don't have the freedom brain cells left to use my venue to express it!

Still aching for orphans who need families.

Still wanting to get overseas to rescue children from brothels.

Still working out daily and eating healthy and challenging others to do the same.

Still having awesome conversations with friends who mean so much to me...and being challenged in my faith by them.

But I cannot seem to find a square inch of space in my day energy to sit and write.

So today, I'm grabbing this moment to simply write about my frustration of not being able to fin...

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