Thursday, November 21, 2013

When God Calls…THEY MOVE! {the Cole family}

Today I want to introduce you to one of my phenomenal adoptive momma friends.
Sweet grinnin' Chasity!
Chasity and her beloved husband, Jonathan, have been married since 1997:

We had the DELIGHT of our paths crossing in Uganda together while we were bringing our sons home from that beautiful country. We hung out and did nearly everything together!!

Levy and Zeb 2011 in Uganda

 They are a family who has followed God wherever He leads.

First they had two gorgeous babies the old fashioned way. These babies are now teenagers:
Alex and Reagan
Then God burdened them with adoption. And Uganda. They followed Jesus where He lead them…straight into the arms of two gorgeous sons:
Jude and Levy

They came home the same time Zeb did. What a blessing that God knit our paths together!!

Then, they became burdened for domestic adoption…and they were able to be present for sweet baby Ava's birth and have been soooooo blessed by her presence in their life:

most precious Ava

Recent family pictures were taken and they are soooo adorable, aren't they???

Although they are QUITE busy with their amazing set of five children,
the cry of the orphan STILL reaches their tender hearts.

They have learned about the most precious sibling set of three waiting in a nearby state:

And as incredible as it may seem…THEY ARE MAKING ROOM FOR THEM!!!! :)


My friends need $2,000 right NOW to get this started again. I want to see this happen ASAP! 

Even at this writing they only have $1,690 left!! Friends and lovers of adoption, let's knock this out of the park TODAY!!! 

Go here to donate to bring this sibling set into this loving family!! You can follow their story on her blog, All Things His

Let's cheer them  on in their obedience to love and care for the orphan!  

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