Friday, November 22, 2013

Beautiful Jewelry that Helps Esty Home!

 Check this out!!! A custom piece of jewelry with an awesome message…designed exclusively to bring Esty home!!! 


God called Abram "blessed" in Genesis 12:2…but that was not to be an ending. He was blessed for a purpose. You have been blessed to become a blessing to others. This necklace is created specifically to draw others in…the shape, the design of the
lettering peeking out below beckon you to look further. We are indeed BLESSED…for a purpose. In the same way that this necklace causes someone to wonder, "oh…there is MORE to that necklace," we hope that you will delight in the joy of discovering that your blessings are also for the purpose of becoming a blessing to those around you. The pearl inside represents the sweet treasure that awaits as you pour yourself out for others. 

I love the shape of the two disksthey make a locket of sorts! Each will have the heart on the top even though it is not pictured.

It was so much fun to work together with Stacy, owner of Jubilee's Jewels to create this piece!! I hope so much that you will enjoy it and order several for Christmas gifts for the women in your life! $11 from each necklace will go directly to help pay for the orphanage donation!

Order this necklace by clicking here.

BUT WAIT!!! There's more!

Mother Teresa's continual prayer was that she would never say no to Jesus. As we nurture our children in the way of the Lord (or whatever God has us doing), we often need the reminder to always  say YES to whatever Jesus may ask of us in each moment. We hope this bracelet will help each of us to remember to impart the life of Christ to those around us, especially our precious children entrusted to us.
$11 from the sale of each bracelet will go toward the orphanage donation.
Click here to order this wonderful leather bracelet!

IF you order by November 25th, 2013 (MONDAY!!) you can be sure it will be in your hands in time for Christmas giving! :)

We are so excited to have these amazing tools to help us fundraiseespecially as we just got our I-800 approval and are a matter of 6-8 weeks from GOING TO BRING ESTY HOME!!!

YIPPIE!!! (and a wee tiny YIKES!!)

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