Monday, April 25, 2011

Home study happiness!!!

Did you hear an enormously loud squeal from Ohio around 2 pm EST??? If so, I 'fess up! I was in all out happy-land as I peeped out our front window and our mailbox was full of home studies!!! WOOT WOOT!!

The only sad thing was that it has been a most drenchy kind of day. The weather that makes you wonder how the skies could POSSIBLY have that much water to dump! That means our home study (especially the top copy) was SOAKING WET!

So we got out the hair dryer.


Within the hour it was in a new envelope on its way to Texas where the necessary people (Department of Homeland Security) will schedule us for our biometrics and we will begin waiting for that approval. This is where we petitition to make an orphan our immediate relative. That wording is crazy good!! Don't you think?

For some, the adoption process takes years. So far, we've only been at this since September of last year and have spent just shy of $3K. However, it FEELS like we've been at this for a lifetime (waiting does that!) and we have much much more money to spend!! We trust the Lord for him to bring in the needed money and to help us be patient in the interim.

Hoping to hear soon soon soon about the two children we are pursuing for adoption!

(Again, I put out a plea to anyone who might know what in tarnation is wrong with our blog to help me!! Please find me on Facebook--badge below--and send me a PM that you might know how to help!!)

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