Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Update on our Adoption

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Perhaps our adoption process appears from afar to just be static. In reality, I work tirelessly toward the end goal. There are an incredible amount of ups and downs that truly, if I shared them all with you, you'd probably quit reading out of boredom! Many people are bottom the bottom line is: we are still waiting.

What are we waiting on?

Our home study. This is the official write up by the social worker who has interviewed us and our children, trained us, inspected our home, our finances, etc. The word is that it should arrive any day. This matter has been very drawn out and quite ridiculous, honestly. Most people get their home studies complete in 1-2 months. Ours has been FIVE and its still not here! At times I have been completely exasperated and every effort I make is simply futile. (I cannot control people's illness or vacation schedules!) Other times I see how fortunate we are that it's not yet done so we can make necessary amendments based on the things God shows us. One of these days...SURELY one of these days we are going to get this enormous stack of notarized home studies that we can begin to mail around the country and around the world! Who wants a copy?? haha

We are also waiting on the results to an ongoing orphan investigation for the 2 children we are hoping to adopt. I have been silent on so many fronts because, honestly, it just changes so quickly. However there is much need for prayer in this situation, so I ask you, even without many details, to please intercede for these children. At this writing, we should know something within 3 weeks. How's that for helpful? Sorry!

We are excited to celebrate Easter with our families and enjoy the goodness of God's great gift. What a wonderful season it is! That grace that our Father pours out on us is so incomprehensible. I am at a loss for words when I consider the gift that Jesus bought us through His death and that marvelous resurrection!

I wish you all a great Easter! Be blessed in His love!

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