Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Please Meet...Joyce and Edward

I have been completely blown away by what I have learned, who I have met and what I have seen (in pictures only at this point) along the path of adoption. I decided that these blessings have been so numerous that I want to share them with you too.

Not everyone that I am going to feature in "Please Meet" series will need financial support, but ALL will need your prayers. These are all REAL PEOPLE and they either are living on the front lines of battle against the evil one or they are being consumed by the evil one. Both groups need you to fight on your knees for them. Some will come with an opportunity to give financially. You are not to give unless God prompts you. This is not a blog of manipulation...rather a place to record our journey as we follow Jesus and a place to educate others on the things I am learning as we go.

Today I would like to introduce you to two children who live in a remote village in Uganda.
This is 2 year old Edward

This is his older sister, Joyce.

Edward and Joyce both have been medically neglected. Their mother is penniless and sick herself, their father gone. Grandparents have tried to care for them, but have been unable. As is often in Africa, children contract the HIV virus at no fault of their own. Sometimes just by breastfeeding from their HIV+ mother they contract the virus. Left untreated, it develops into AIDS. Both Edward and Joyce were tested for HIV. Edward's test came back positive but Joyce's did not. You might think this is reason for rejoicing...as the two of them have been moved into an African foster family...but due to their malnutrition, the medicines for HIV are not easily taken into the body. And the saddest news of all is that Joyce's test results were negative because she already (at age 7) has full blown AIDS.

My friend Lara went to their village and found them in this state. She immediately cleaned and bandaged their wounds...

You can see the small frames they have at age 7 and 2.

...and gave them clothing:

Now the two children have been taken to a hospital, shown love and received the medical care they so desperately needed. Family situation/relations are challenging and they all need prayer. Although Joyce has AIDS and Edward only has HIV, because of some other health issues he is at a higher risk. When Lara found them he had the flu, telltale swelling in his jaw and other sores related to the untreated virus, a bloated belly from severe malnutrition and was too weak to even walk.

Here is Edward just a few days ago after yet another doctor appointment:

His cheek is deformed from the lack of treatment from his HIV virus. 
But because of sponsorship and care he is on the road to recovery.

I wanted to introduce them to you because the people who have been involved in his care are special to me. Perhaps I will blog on them and their work someday. (Incredible!) My purpose in today's post is to have you meet and see the real need and give you an opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their lives. My friends have involved themselves already so that Edward and Joyce are not another African statistic that you may or may not hear...but the story is not over. 

Edward and Joyce still need $195 per month to continue staying at their foster family, receiving the medical treatment necessary to help save their little lives. What I think is so wonderful is that we over here in our everyday American lives can reach out and help save REAL PEOPLE like Joyce and Edward. Obviously we do not know how long Joyce will have, but Edward could live a long, healthy life once he is receiving constant good nutrition, love, and the ARV drugs necessary to keep his viral load low. Who knows? Edward might become a great physician who helps find a cure for cancer or he might become a great runner and compete in the Olympics. Their lives have great value!

If you would want to be part of Edward and Joyce's story you can click here to go to Awaka.org where you can join their sponsorship team. They are both under Edward's name: Edward Segawa in group A of children. 

Thank you for "meeting" these children and for your prayers and any financial involvement you might choose to have. Blessings!

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