Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cupcakes for Uganda!

We had a wonderful time selling cupcakes for the imprisoned children in Uganda. We were blessed to be able to host our sale outside of the Chief grocery store in our hometown. So many wonderful and generous patrons of the store were willing to learn about and eat cupcakes in honor of the children 8,000 miles away!

The flyer we passed out to all who bought cupcakes!

Although they will never know about us, we have the joy of impacting the children who live at M! These precious ones who remain locked away simply because they were street children or abandoned there by their distraught parents.

By the time our sale ended, we raised $253!! We rejoice that in our small efforts of baking and selling that we can make life a little more hopeful for these children in Uganda!

All of the money we raised will be sent to the non-profit organization known as Sixty Feet. You can visit their website by going to: (Due to the fact our blog is not working I am writing out the address! Hopefully SOON we'll get it figured out!) None of the money collected is for our personal adoption.

I hope that next year we can have another sale and see the great progress in the remand homes in Uganda. These cupcake sales were held nationwide and the current total American kids raised is $42,447!! And we get to add ours to that too! Isn't it incredible what our kids can accomplish?  Nobody said you have to be a grown up to make an impact!!

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