Sunday, May 22, 2011

Become part of our family puzzle!

Hey everyone!! We have a brand new way for you to become part of our family story!!

See this lovely guy?

Ohhhh! I love him so!

We have this glorious lion who will one day hang in our future children's bedroom in a double-sided glass frame. The front will be so he can see out and watch over my kids (hee hee) and the back will be so we can turn it over and show our children how ALL OF YOU became a part of our story to bring them home!

You can "buy" a piece of the lion puzzle for $10 each. For each $10 you donate, we will write your name (or the name of someone you choose--one of your children perhaps?) on the back of a puzzle piece. If you give $100, we will write your name(s) over ten pieces. As pieces are purchased, we will begin to fit them together. I will periodically post pictures of our puzzle so you can see how we are progressing. You can watch him come together--just like you will be helping to bring our family together! Isn't this such a cool idea?!!! Yes! But no, it wasn't mine!! ;)

So, how many people/pieces do we need to "sponsor" in order for this king of the jungle to be complete?

750! A TALL order, right? Well guess what? SO IS ADOPTION!!! And our great and mighty God specializes in things that are WAY too big for us. I have story after story to prove it. Someday over a nice cup of java, I'd love to share with you and hear your God stories too! :)

To be clear, when you give to our puzzle project it is a donation that will directly benefit two children who are currently orphaned in Uganda and are destined to become our Shaw children. All monies will be used solely for our adoption costs. They are not tax deductible.

If you are feeling that you want to make a donation toward our adoption but you would like it to be tax deductible, you can do that too! Our church has graciously set up an account called "One Less Orphan." All donations are received through the church and are then divided among the families who are currently embarking on the adoption journey.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU in advance for your help in bringing our family together!!! You are a CRITICAL part of our family puzzle!!!


  1. Yes, you can! I just wasn't able to post our address online for all to see! ;)


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