Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please meet...Godfrey!! (A giveaway!)

As I have been in the Ugandan cyber adoption world, going on 6 months now, I have heard soooooooooooooo many wonderful and amazing things about
  a man named Godfrey.
I have lost count of the amount of people who sing this man's praises. Truly, not one word has been anything but glowing praise for this brother in the Lord!
Godfrey, his wife Tina and their family (including foster children!)
Now I have yet to meet this man in the flesh, but we have "met" in spirit.  This is a man greatly filled with God's Spirit! He is a loving husband and father and takes in orphans into his home without batting an eyelash. We were in a situation once, with a referral we lost to another family, when Godfrey told me on the phone, "Just come and get him out of the orphanage, I will keep him here with me until your paperwork is ready." He's just that kind of man. You need it, he gives it. He'd even do more than give you the shirt off his back! (yes, that's a link! Click it!)

Two non profit organizations: Sixty Feet and Awaka have loved and employed him as a driver. He generously and selflessly helps out the international adoption community. He is truly a brother in Christ! 

And now, Godfrey needs OUR help. See that sweet baby girl in his wife's arms? Her name is Elizabeth and she needs medical care that is only available in the United States. A
lready in one week's time, friends of Godfrey near and far have supplied his family with enough money to purchase plane tickets, visas and passports to deliver them to America. 
Sweet baby Elizabeth
The next item of need is a doctor and hospital who will treat baby Elizabeth for free. If you are an American reading this, you know how that NEVER happens here!! Yet do roadblocks stop our God? Ha! NO WAY! Please join us in praying for the perfect doctors and hospital situation to be worked out entirely on their behalf. (There are good leads!)

That leaves the financial needs of their family while they are in the States. This current need is what is being fundraised currently on the Awaka website. For a simple $5 entry, you can have your name in the hat for a gorgeous print of this adoption painting by Melissa Carter entitled, "The Messenger." 

You can read all the details about this gorgeous work of art here, including what the artist says went through her mind as she painted it! (It's so cool!)

And there's more! That $5 donation will also enter you to win this cool coffee table book about Kampala, the capital city of Uganda:

I'll encourage you to scoot on over to the Awaka blog to discover the third item up for the giveaway! You can make a donation if you like to help out Godfrey's family there too.

Let's come together to support Godfrey, his wife Tina and their daughter Elizabeth in their hour of need! Bless you!

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