Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Thread of Hope Left...Vitaliy's Story

My sweet praying friends, we must continue to PRAY!

Precious dear little Vitaliy was not ruled for in a Russian court of law last week when my friends Aaron and Jenny Moyer went to try and adopt him in spite of the Russian ban on American adoptions.

Due to this horrible decision to ban adoptions, this beloved orphan with down syndrome WILL BE TRANSFERRED to an insane asylum.

Within. the. month.

Does anyone else burst into tears at this news!??!!

Worse yet...they had to say goodbye and LEAVE HIM BEHIND.

In Jenny's words, "It was horrifying."

Understatement of the year.

Statistics are that 65% of children will die within the first year at the insane asylum.

Anyone else ready to fall down on your knees to wage battle against the enemy for the sake of this child??

There is one final hope:

The Moyers have filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights to appeal the Russian court's decision. No date is set for this hearing.

Will you please petition the God of the fatherless on behalf of the Moyers and Vitaliy? 

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  1. While watching the documentary "Stuck" I couldn't help but think of Vitaliy and this post. A couple adopting from Vietnam ran into a very similar problem and finally lawyer Kelly Ensslin helped them bring their son, Nate, home. I'm sure this family is trying everything but I just felt compelled to pass the lawyer's name on.


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