Monday, January 28, 2013

When God Rains Down Love!!

I rejoice!!

New pictures of Toby have come to us this morning!!!

(This after I was having a very overwhelming morning that began VERY EARLY and many details were going wrong in some adoption paperwork I was working on for our Chinese visas...I had just cried out to God for something...and WOW did He answer!!)

Just look at this adorable face!!!
I cannot get over that he is holding our pictures! That whole book was prepared on our behalf by the wonderful women, Gretchen and Lillian, at China Adoption Help. If you are a waiting momma for a child in China, go here to visit their site! I was able to upload files from our computer and have them make this book and deliver it to him! AMAZING!!!

And then we ordered a "stuffed animal" to be sent to him. Is there any shock to anyone else that they "happened" to choose a cow??? Daddy is a dairy farmer! (Around here, we call that a God "wink" when He does some tiny detail to show you His love!)

(Anyone want me to pick you up some fun Chinese curtains while I'm there?)
And then another picture with the awesome pillow that Gretchen and Lillian made for us:
So cool!!!

And they added one final picture...this one makes my heart physically hurt. This must have been snapped randomly in the orphanage. He's totally got the "look" of living in an institution--the mismatched clothing, the shoes on the wrong feet...

...this sweet boy needs to come HOME!!!

And...funny you should mention that...

                                     ....because when it rains, it POURS!!!

This morning we ALSO got approved for a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans!!!!

That means that if anyone gives to help us bring Toby home in the next few weeks...all donations will be DOUBLED!!!

Here's how to be part of this:
Go here to the Lifesong for Orphans website.

Then click "give" on the right side of the blue menu bar. Then select "Make a donation."

Then choose "Give to an adoptive family."

When you fill the form out, use our name "SHAW" and the number "3330" so that it will go specifically to bring Toby home.

Your gift will be 100% towards Toby's adoption expenses and you will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Please note that any donations given to our "Adopt Together" account do NOT qualify for the matching grant.

Thank you SO MUCH!

We are currently waiting on something called "Article 5" which is the final paperwork approval for Toby's visa to become an American and fly home with us. Then we get our Travel Approval (known as "TA") and we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! Turning out to be a rather exciting Monday!!!

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