Wednesday, January 16, 2013

URGENT PRAYER for Russian Orphan Vitaliy!

The time is NOW to rally the troops. NOW!!!

Vladim*r Putin put a ban on Russian adoptions to American families.

I'm sure you heard about this. But...what does it look like for a family and a little boy waiting in Russia who were mid-process?

I'd like you to meet Vitaliy. (pronounced Vi tall ey)

He is 4 years old.

He has Down Syndrome.

And his want-to-be parents say this about him:

"Vitaliy is the happiest, kindest person Aaron and I have met. He is beautiful, bright and precious! He is brilliant, loves to dance and comforts his friends when they are sad. He calls us Mama and Papa. He knows we are his parents and he is waiting for us."

Friends, we need to be in prayer. Like right NOW!

My friend Jenny and her husband Aaron get on a plane TODAY bound for Russia. (They've already flown across America and are waiting in an airport at this moment!)

They have a court date to complete his adoption, but a Russian judge will not be able to go against the new law.

Yet they still go.

In her words she said,

"Right now there is not much hope. We have been told to expect an unfavorable ruling in court if the judge agrees to see us. The judge simply cannot go against the law. So we are going to pour as much love into Vitaliy and spend as much time with him as we can."

Please, please pray for a miracle!!!!
Just LOOK at how Vitaliy looks at Aaron! It brings me to tears!!!

As Vitaliy has Down Syndrome, he will soon be transferred to a mental institution where he will be hidden away from society. There are some horrific tales of what happens to people in those institutions and there is no way to say which one he will end up in.

If he goes.

Normally they are transferred over at age 4 or 5. He has been kept at the "baby home" longer because of the Jenny and Aaron's signatures on his referral papers.

But now?

No one knows.

My friends have been battling the FLU on top of all of this! Please pray for their health to be restored!

They know fully well that they are walking into a spiritual battle for the life and soul of dear sweet Vitaliy. They need to KNOW that the body of Christ stands behind them and supports them!

Please pray for their hearts. That they might be filled with an overflowing peace that only our God gives.

Pray for their stay. That all logistics will go smoothly. They long to just hold and love on their boy as much as possible.

Pray for miracles in the court system and in the hearts of the Russian leadership.

Pray for dear Vitaliy. Pray that he will delight and enjoy in this emotion-laden visit that he will have with his parents. He knows nothing about all the politics...all he knows is the love of these dear people.

Pray for others to SEE and rally behind the Moyers. Pray that their story will change the heart of Vladim*r Putin.

Pray that this leader will CHANGE HIS MIND and release the precious orphans of Russia into loving homes!!!!

Here is a video that CNN did about their family's situation about a few weeks back:

Get prayin' Church!!!!

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