Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's PARTY...small style!

Party time!!!

(Although our original plans to have a huge celebration in our home town with family and friends had to be cancelled due to illness, we delighted in having the seven of us together for a little soiree of our own!)

For whom you may ask???

This child we have loved on for 6 weeks in our home.

This child who a year ago had a much much bleaker outlook on life.

This child who went dazed and confused into an orphanage with 49 other lost children...relearning life and wondering what would be next.

This child whom God matched to our family.

This child for whom we did a heroic paper chase and YOU joined in the effort to help us bring him home.

This child whom we've fallen head over heels for.
(and you will too when you meet him!)

The monkey cake (he is always telling me he is my little monkey!) and the pizza, the ice cream and the laughter around the table were priceless.
These boys are just loving their BROTHERHOOD!!!
All the party-goers had a great time! (If you know Zora, you note the location of her red ball!) ;)

The singing...
The candle blowing...
The cheering!!!

The cake cutting... (I LOVE that he requested the monkey's smile...right in the MIDDLE! :))

The dancing!
The presents... (Wait, what are presents??? LEARNING QUICKLY that presents are FUN!!!!!)

                                                   The happy hugs...

And the one final question....

When can we do this again????


  1. I have a hard time commenting on your posts - it's nothing personal, but seems to have something to do with blogspot/blogger...

    I love these pictures!
    - Honour

  2. Yeah for brothers!!! :) xx, AnaLisa


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