Thursday, October 6, 2011

We are his and HE is ours!

 Today we adopted our son in an Ohio court of law! It was a bit crazy, both littles were running around and Zeb was making racket with the heater in the courtroom and would NOT sit quietly. We had a fair amount of interaction with the judge and I was hoping that he would not find us unfit parents who could not control our new son!

All wiggles aside, the judge ruled in favor of us being a family FOREVER. What an awesome thing!!!

Contrast this to our hearing in the High Court of Uganda...our little man slept soundly (even snored!) on my lap! And the hearing was considerably longer there!

We are so proud to show you our picture!

I love the smile on Oliver--he seems to know that this was a big deal and that Zareb became his brother today. That's a REAL smile...not a squeezy-cheesy face! (And we did bring our whole daughter Jensi, not just her head!)

Praise God for His GOOD, PLEASING and PERFECT will placing this Ugandan treasure into our family!!!!!




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