Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Picture Day!

So thankful for a friendly request from our church to get a picture of us all SEVEN together! We had taken the above picture for the header...but I must say, it's quite a bit easier to get pictures of your feet than your faces! ;)

First the end product (that you'll see in other parts of this blog most likely!):

Here's a few favorites from the session we had this weekend:

These kids are all in school! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!??!?!

The two I get to keep at home!

Almost had everyone looking here...
A runner up for the final shot...but lack of posing ("let's just hug") made for odd hands in odd places. (and yes, we were our own photographers...we had the fun of smiling and laughing at grandparents who danced behind the camera to get littles to look and smile! Thanks Mom and Dad!)

All 5 loves of my heart! 

Totally saved my favorite for last! Isn't this just awesome?!?!

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