Monday, August 29, 2011

Visits to the Children's Prison

We went to M one week ago.

A prison for children.

Yes. That's right. For children aged 8-18. Here in Uganda.

And I simply cannot get it out of my head...and heart.

I do not have adequate words to share with you what it was like being in this place. I have prayed, ached and wept over it for eight months.

Truly, I was astounded at what I found there. 

Not because of their stories--they (of course!) were heartbreaking. Not because of their conditions, I was already aware of what I might find. Not because they were a bit standoffish...I would be too if I had experienced what they had.

But I was surprised that JOY in Christ was there. I don't know why it surprised me, the entire book of Philippians was written from a prison!
I think this picture perfectly captures what I want to see done in this place. Jesus brought to the kids.
Sixty Feet is doing just that. Plus doing practical things too. Gotta love when both come together.

I am so blessed to be aligned with Sixty Feet. They are essentially bringing Jesus into the prisons of Uganda. Showing Jesus' love to children who would otherwise not know.

Here you see one of the older boys...genuinely worshiping a God who has met him in his darkest, most fearful place. He is not forgotten. He is loved.

And I am blessed to be with him.

You just had to be there.

I was honored to just greet the children. Brian and I introduced ourselves and I couldn't help explain my emotion...a mere eight months ago I had learned about this prison. I shared with the children how honored I felt to be in their presence. To be with the very people I had longed and prayed for. I told them to remember: God hears and answers your prayers. I have no idea if they were choked up, but I sure was!

No, we weren't playing Simon Says...he was translating my words into Lugandan, the common language spoken here.
The second trip to M I got to spend more time with specific kids. They were a true delight. I had promised to put a puzzle together with one girl in particular, and she was so happy I had remembered. It was pretty awesome to sit on a filthy floor surrounded by overly strong-smelling children and work on a puzzle. I was impressed by their ability to see it through to the end.

That second visit we also had time to sing and laugh and play while Moses (Sixty Feet Ugandan staff) worked on the car. (He joked that we might need to spend the night. I was wondering what God might have in store for us if that were the case! But truly, if they lived there each day, then certainly I could stay one night without my things. But he fixed the car eventually!) I delighted in hearing the kids sing and play and they LOVED being able to record themselves with my iPhone! We took this picture that still makes me laugh!

This is the little guy who greeted us at the gate on the first day. I love that I captured a smile on that precious face. It required taking a first shot, showing him what he looked like and then capturing the giggle on his face when he saw himself! Isn't he just precious????

And he sits in prison. Sigh.

When can I go back????

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  1. Amy,I'm enjoying reading your posts, and thrilled at all your seeing and doing. I'd never heard of this, and am trying to read all about it now. I'd really love to catch up with you again someday. Thanks for sharing.


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